Frequently Asked Questions


What types of assessment do you offer?

Focus Neuropsychology offers an extensive range of clinical and medicolegal services, accepting referrals from medical practitioners including geriatricians, neurologists, psychiatrists and GPs, as well as legal practitioners, insurers, psychologists, NDIS coordinators and government agencies.

Clinical / General

- Assessment of intellectual (IQ) function.
- Comprehensive memory testing.
- Normal ageing vs. dementia assessment.
- Dementia diagnosis and specific differential diagnosis (e.g., dementia vs mental health; Alzheimer’s disease vs Frontotemporal dementia).
- ADHD diagnosis.
- Learning disorder diagnosis (e.g., dyslexia).
- Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in adolescents and adults.
- Assessment before/after neurosurgery, including careful evaluation of the cognitive risks associated with surgery (e.g., epilepsy surgery, deep brain stimulation).
- Return to work or study issues.
- Assessment of cognitive capacity (e.g., capacity to make a will, Guardianship and financial management assessments).
- Assessment of alcohol-related or drug-related cognitive impairment.
- Cognitive rehabilitation.
- NDIS assessments and treatment recommendations.


We offer a range of medicolegal services, including insurance, capacity and compensation assessments. We offer services to clients of both plaintiff and defendant solicitors.

- Income protection and Total and Permanent Disability.
- Fitness for duty.
- Personal injury.
- Medical negligence.
- Testamentary capacity (capacity to make a will).
- Financial management capacity.
- Decision-making capacity (e.g., medical treatment, accommodation, support needs).
- Guardianship disputes.
- Capacity to appoint a Guardian or Power of Attorney.
- Capacity to provide legal instruction. 

How do I make a referral?

Please contact Focus Neuropsychology by phone to discuss potential referrals. Alternatively, forward your referral letter to us via email or post.

The source of funding needs to be confirmed at the time of the referral. When a client is not paying themselves (such as WorkCover appointments), approval of funding needs to be confirmed before the appointment can proceed. Payment is due prior to or on the day of the assessment.

What information should I include in the referral?

It is recommended that your referral outline your patient or client’s main issues, relevant history and specific questions that you want to be addressed in the report. Copies of any relevant medical, psychological or other practitioner reports are also recommended. 

Please make sure to include copies of any previous neuropsychological assessment reports if these are available. 

What are your fees?

Fees vary according to the type of neuropsychology assessment and time required. Currently, neuropsychology assessment is not covered under Medicare. Some assessments may be partially covered by private health insurers, WorkCover or covered under the NDIS. Payment is due prior to or n the day of the assessment. Please contact us for further information about fees. 

Is there a cancellation or failure to attend fee?

Yes. A late cancellation is a cancellation made within three working days of the appointment without sufficient medical evidence. The amount due depends on the type of referral and who is paying for the assessment. 

How long will it take to receive the report?

Allow two weeks. Shorter time frames can be accommodated for urgent matters identified at the time of booking.

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