Autism Spectrum Assessment

Focus Neuropsychology specialises in comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of autism for adults and adolescents aged 16 years and over.

What is autism?

Autism is a neurodevelopmental difference characterised by a range of social, communication and behavioural challenges. Characteristics can vary hugely between people, exist on a spectrum and may include:

  • social/interpersonal difficulties
  • sensory hypersensitivities
  • behavioural rigidity

Autistic individuals may find it difficult to:

  • engage in social interactions
  • understand body language
  • maintain eye contact or engage in conversations.

At Focus Neuropsychology, we understand that autistic experiences and characteristics can be very different for females, males, transgender and non-binary individuals. Every autistic individual is unique and their experiences and needs will vary.

What is involved in an autism assessment?

At Focus Neuropsychology, we can assist clients and referrers to understand an individual’s challenges, access appropriate supports and make informed decisions about their life.

In line with national guidelines set out by Autism CRC, individuals require a medical referral from their GP after undergoing a medical health screen. We do not accept self-referrals for autism assessments.

Where possible, it is recommended you bring in copies of school reports, previous psychometric assessments and/or medical reports for review.

Our comprehensive assessment process includes a detailed clinical interview exploring interpersonal, cognitive, behavioural and emotional issues.

This interview is followed by standardised objective testing looking to identify personal strengths and any weaknesses. You will also be asked to complete standardised questionnaires.

Since autism is a neurodevelopmental difference, Focus Neuropsychology will routinely seek your permission to gather additional clinical information from a parent or somebody who knew you well as a child. It can be very helpful to bring an informant along to your appointment, but additional interviews can always be completed by phone if needed.

Following the assessment, you will return for a detailed feedback session, where we will review your results and diagnosis together, and provided a detailed written report that can be used by you or your referrer. See our NDIS page for further information on how Focus Neuropsychology can help you.

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