Medicolegal Assessment

At Focus Neuropsychology, we specialise in medicolegal neuropsychological assessments that provide objective and expert opinion on an individual's cognitive functioning and its impact on their legal situation. A medicolegal assessment may be used in various legal contexts, including personal injury claims, disability claims (e.g. income protection and total and permanent disability insurance (TPD)), workers' compensation cases, fitness for duty, criminal cases and competency evaluations (e.g., testamentary capacity for writing a will, guardianship or financial management).

We accept referrals for medicolegal assessment from lawyers, employers, insurers or other third parties. <Contact us> to find out more. Please note that in order to maintain the independence of our advice, we are unable to accept self-referrals for this type of assessment.

Medicolegal neuropsychological assessments involve a thorough evaluation of cognitive abilities and emotional functioning, including:

  • a detailed interview
  • selected relevant standardised and objective neuropsychological tests
  • review of relevant file material such as medical records.
  • where indicated, a review of collateral information from family members, medical professionals or other relevant sources.

Following the assessment, Focus Neuropsychology will provide the referrer with a comprehensive report that presents objective findings, interpretations, and opinions specifically addressing the questions at hand. The report may also address causation, prognosis and potential treatment or rehabilitation recommendations.

We can also provide expert testimony in court if required following an assessment, to present the findings, interpretations, and opinions to aid the court in making a decision.

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